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Antique Smith and Wesson Empty Cartridges Box

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This is an opened empty cartridge box of .32 caliber Smith and Wesson "central-fire cartridges" manufactured by the Union Metallic Cartridge Company. The box originally held 50 cartridges. The box is empty. I would date this to the late 19th early 20th century. The Union Metallic Cartridge Company was incorporated in 1867 in Bridgeport, Connecticut. In 1912, it was merged with the Remington Arms Company to form Remington U.M.C. Marked on top: 50 .32 cal. S & W Central-Fire Cartridges 10 Grs. Powder 88 Grs. Bullet Manufactured by The Union Metallic Cartridge Co. Bridgeport, Conn., U.S.A.

Marked on Bottom: GUARANTEE. We hereby guarantee the Ammunition manufactured and sold by The Union Metallic Cartridge Co.; also the following named Arms when being used with the U.M.C. Cartridges, which are made expressly for them, viz; Colt, Winchester, Marlin, Bullard, Whitney, Smith & Wesson, Ballard, Stevens, Wesson, Remington, and others of first-class manufacture.


Smith and Wesson box measures 3.75“ long by 2“ wide by 1“ deep and weighs 1oz


This empty cartridges box is in good condition (please see all pictures as they form part of the condition description)

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