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Antique Temperance Movement IOR Ceremonial Sash

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Antique temperance movement Independent Order of Rechabites (IOR) ceremonial silk embroidered regalia sash representing Salford near Manchester where the organization originated on 25 August 1835 as the Salford Unity of Rechabites. Ornate collar, cream silk, gold bullion braid border and tassel, painted, woven and embroidered with multi-coloured motifs plus four flags, triangular motif and three shields representing other countries, embroidered symbols and motto. This particular sash was previously worn by a Past District Treasurer being a high rank in the organization.

The Independent Order of Rechabites (IOR), also known as the Sons and Daughters of Rechab is a friendly society founded in England in 1835 as part of the wider British temperance movement to promote total abstinence from alcoholic beverages. Always well connected in upper society and involved in financial matters, it gradually transformed into a financial institution which still exists, and still promotes abstinence.


Past District Treasurer
Independent Order of Rechabites Ceremonial Sash Salford Unity
Peace and plenty the reward of temperance
Unity for the Past district treasurer
Regd No 233713


Ceremonial regalia sash measures 30“ long by 3.5“ wide (each side of the sash - 4.75 with tassels) and weighs 4.8oz


In good condition (please see all pictures as they form part of the condition description).

Shop Ref: Box No. Temperance Movement Box I


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