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Luxury Antique Safe Carl Kopper Safe 1915 WW1 Weissenfels A/S Iron Safe

  • $ 5,00000

Antique Carl Kopper 1915 WW1 Iron floor safe is a luxurious piece of furniture consisting of a wooden cabinet, which offers storage space, and the actual safe atop made out of steel masquerading as a wooden cabinet. This antique safe was made for a member of the German Aristocracy during the first world war this high end safe was purportedly used on a royal train.

The floor safe's interior is decorated with beautiful latch work, which also states the manufacturer and origin of the safe. Carl Kopper was a highly sought after and expensive safe maker from Berlin at the turn of the 20th century. The top of the safe is ornately decorated with a crown and cast iron towers either side.

There are no keys with this antique safe but it is open which makes it easier to have a key made for it. It would originally have had a plugging key which was used to open a steel panel in the door which enabled a the second key to open the complex sliding mechanism which locked the door. This is an extremely heavy piece which is pick up only due to its size and weight

*** This item is PICK UP ONLY from Los Angeles, CA 90041***


Antique Safe measures 37.75" tall by 24.25" wide by 20" deep. The bottom wooden section measures 20" deep by 25" wide by 31" tall.


This rare floor safe good condition with some flaking to the front and a piece of the decorative frame missing on top (please see all pictures as they form part of the condition description). The bottom wooden cabinet is included in the sale but is really now only of a decorative value. Being wooden it would not properly support the weight of this top steel safe.

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