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Antique Victorian British Silver Plated Coffee Pot, 1895

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Antique Presentation 1895 silver plated antique coffee pot. Beautifully decorated with embossed foliage throughout & an acorn top nodule on the lid of the pot. This finely decorated antique coffee pot is indicative of the organic forms which were prevalent during the later Victorian period. It is a presentation gift for either the Sergeant being promoted or doing a service for the core, either way a great testament to his character. The silver plated coffee pot comes with original linen/cloth strainer present and perfectly in tact. The word "Sheffield" is embossed on the inside of the lid and there are several marks on the bottom of both ( S and F with 2 arrows crossed in between), J D & S, EP and a lamp (signifying James Deakin & Sons, Sheffield, England). F2K82.Inscribed on the front is:

Presented to Srgt J Smith fromThe 7th Core 1895   


Silver plated coffee pot measures 9“ long by 4.5“ wide by 8.5" tall and weighs 1 lb 15oz.


In good condition with some dent and scratches (please see all pictures as they form part of the condition description).

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