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Art Deco Style 1920s Ticket Booth Sign

  • $ 27500

Vintage Art Deco style cast brass cinema hanging display sign. This brass bracket currently contains an "Ticket Booth" perspex sign in it for display from a desk. Although the perspex sign is more modern than the bracket they compliment each other remarkably well. This could be replaced with a modern glass or perspex sign which could be used as a wall sign or suspended from a ceiling with a horizontal sign.

Marked on perspex: Ticket Booth

This would make a great addition to your eclectic home, shop or restaurant decor.


Sign measures 28.5" long by 1.75" wide by 6" tall and weighs 8lb 1oz.


This metal sign holder is in very nice condition and ready to display as is or with another sign (please see all pictures as they form part of the condition description).

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