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Antique 1876 Centennial Color Litho Adams Chronological Chart

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Original centennial 1876 historical map of the world. This antique chronological chart of the ancient and modern world along with biblical history is an amazing infographic chart of world history. Published by the eminent lithographers Strobridge & co in color this 1876 edition known as the "centennial" displays everything from Archbishop Usshers calculated time of creation (4004 BC) to the present when U S Grant is president.

Originally these would have been mounted in a frame mounted to a wall and observed in a large classroom. They were linen backed with cloth edges and varnished which help preserve them if they were not mounted.

Originally conceived by schoolteacher Sebastian C. Adams (1825-1898) in 1871.
Adams was known as a gifted teacher who was continually exploring new ways to present information for the benefit of interested students. Clearly this chart was a highlight of that teaching impulse. Adams stated:

"The object of this chart is to assist the mind in clearly fixing, along down the stream of time, the time when the events of the world's history took place. The time when (i.e. Chronology) and the place where (i.e. Geography) 'are the two great eyes of history.'"

The map of the world at the beginning only highlights areas of Europe (mostly Western) and the Middle East. Africa, and most of Asia (China, Siberia, Russia, most of India) are "black holes" with the Western Hemisphere not even illustrated. The end of the chart has some vignettes that seem to give a nod to the New World. There are a few notable presidents (Washington, Lincoln, Grant), along with flags and other patriotic symbols. Three ships represent Columbus' voyages. The Westward migration is shown by a Conestoga wagon. There are also "old" ways of doing things, such as spinning and farming, with the implication that we were now (especially in America) in the "modern" or "industrial" age.


Timeline measures 26.5 in. tall by 23 feet wide.


In fairly good condition considering age and use. There is some chipping to the varnished timeline especially at the fold seams and edges and some taping at some of the seams. This chart has split at the seam in some sections and is presented as two pieces currently- please see all pictures as they form part of the description.


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