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Antique Apostle Pitcher by Charles Meigh (Staffordshire)

  • $ 18000

Antique stoneware pottery Victorian jug. Heavily decorated in the high Gothic style of the revival period this apostle jug was made during the early Victorian period by Charles Meigh in Staffordshire, England. This is Meighs most famous relief molded design originally patented in 1842, being known more popularly as the Apostle jug. It consists of 8 apostolic figures in their architectural archways.

This piece is unmarked except for the numbers 4 and 34. The shadow of the overlaid relief pad mark can still be seen but the marker is long missing.

A great addition to your antique jug collection or eclectic home decor.


Antique jug measures 5" deep by 8.5" wide 10.75" tall and weighs 4lb 15oz.


This jug is in fairly good condition. The handle has previously been damaged and subsequently repaired a long time ago. This antique jug has been lifted by the handle successfully but I would recommend that this item be used as a decorative piece only (please see all pictures as they form part of the condition description).

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