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Antique 19th C German Porcelain Doll by Gebruder Kuhnlenz

  • $ 25000


Antique bisque head doll made by Gerbruder Kuhnlenz, the prolific German maker of porcelain dolls around the turn of the last century. Incised on the back of the head of this antique doll is the makers mark (Gbr K), mould number (165), the size number (9) and country of origin (Germany). She appears to have all her original clothing including the hat, petticoat, bloomers, socks, shoes and even her lace handbag.

This porcelain doll is fully articulated on all joints and feels tightly strung. This item was located in a vintage trunk among a storage unit that had not been opened since 1990.
This would make a great addition to any collector of antique dolls, porcelain dolls or Victorian toys.


The porcelain doll measures 27“ long by 8“ wide by 4" deep and weighs 3lb 4oz.


In good condition with a crack on her knee on the right leg above the joint.  The  limbs all articulate well. Her head is free of any hairline cracks or fractures (please see all pictures as they form part of the condition description).

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