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Antique Knights of Pythias Pin Back Medal

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Antique temperance movement silver pin back medal for the Knights of Pythias, a fraternal organization and secret society founded at Washington, DC, on February 19, 1864. This fraternal order has over two thousand lodges in the United States and around the world. The pin back medallion is in very good shape, with only some minor discoloration. It could be cleaned, but I have not done so. The pin and clasp on the back function perfectly. The Knights of Pythias medallion features a quill pen intersected by a key in the middle of the triangle. It is embossed on the back copy right 1874 supreme lodge f b c (friendship, benevolence, charity).

Knights of pythias was one of the first fraternal organization established in the 1800's approved by Congress. The decor on the triangle is Victorian in style as is the pin brooch. Both items are marked for coin silver on the back also.

Marked: Coin
Copyright 1674 Supreme Lodge


Temperance movement medal measures 3.6“ long by 3.1“ wide and weighs 1.2oz


In good condition (please see all pictures as they form part of the condition description)

Shop Ref: Box No. Temperance Movement Box I


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