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Albert Bresnik Photograph of Famous Aviator Evelyn Bobbi Trout

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Vintage historic aviation Albert Bresnik Photograph of one of the most famous female aviators, Evelyn Bobbi Trout. Marked #80 and signed by Albert Bresnik. There is also a small copy transcript about the aviator and the photograph on the back. This image along with his other photos of early aviatrix was reproduced by Bresnik in limited numbers before his death. It shows Ms Trout beside her Golden Eagle Monoplane in full flight suit in which she set the women’s solo endurance flying record in 1929.

Evelyn Bobbi Trout was a record-setting pioneer female aviator and the last surviving participant in the first women's transcontinental air race in 1929.

Dubbed "Bobbi" after she adopted the stylishly bobbed hairdo that was the rage at the time, Ms. Trout began taking flying lessons in Los Angeles in early 1928. Within eight months of soloing for the first time, the 22-year-old Ms. Trout was generating front-page newspaper headlines for setting women's endurance flight records.

This historic aviation photograph was taken by photographer to many famous aviators (including Amelia Earhart). A Hollywood photographer who spent decades shooting pictures of glamorous stars says his favorite subject was a shy, adventurous pilot he thought of as a sister.


Photo measures 8“ long by 5“ wide and 11" long by 8" wide in its matting frame.


In good condition (please see all pictures as they form part of the condition description)

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