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japanese Shakudo Meiji Era Octopus Letter Opener

  • $ 24000

Vintage Japanese Shakudo letter opener with copper handle front. Late Meiji period in date (1868 -1912) this beautifully ornate letter opener was crafted with great skill and detail. The handle is ornately decorated with an octopus holding a cup of tea in one tentacle and a fan on the front made from overlaid copper. The back of the handle depicts 2 small fish on the back, one being copper overlaid. The blade depicts swirling waves over the octopus on one side.

Ainu reverence of this monster has permeated into Shintoism, which has incorporated Akkorokamui as a minor kami. Within Japanese culture the presence of the Akkorokamui as a benevolent kami with powers to heal and bestow knowledge is quite poignant for a person of letters and intellect. The coloration of the Akkorokamui is said to be a striking red, often described as glowing and sometimes likened to the color of the reflection of the setting sun upon the water. Due to its coloration and immense size, it is visible from great distances.

This would make a fabulous birthday gift, housewarming gift holiday gift or for any Japanese metal enthusiasts.


Opener measures: 9.25" long by 1" wide and weighs 2.6oz.


In good condition considering age and use - please see all pictures as they form part of the description.


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