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Antique Leisy Ceramic Beer Pitcher & 4 Mugs

  • $ 18000


Pre 1920's beer mugs and beer pitcher promoting the Leisy Brewing company out of Peoria, illinois. Emblazoned with the trademark and motto "Age, Purity, Strength" this barware is decorated with an Egyptian desert scene. There was a huge interest in Egyptology at the time as many ancient civilizations were being rediscovered after the first world war.

The beer mugs and beer pitcher were made prior to the Prohibition Act coming into effect, the company folded 1923 after attempting to promote a non alcohol drink called Bevera. This would look great in a bar or in a home for entertaining especially if it is home brewed beer.


Beer pitcher measures 12“ long by 6.5“ wide and weighs almost 4lbs.
Beer mugs measure 5" long by 3.75" in diameter and weigh together 3lbs 10 oz.


In good condition with wear throughout the rims. The pitcher has a hairline crack down the center but does not affect its holding ability (please see all pictures as they form part of the condition description).

Shop Ref: Box No. Bar Shelf


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