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Oil on Canvas Portrait Painting by Erwin Vollmer (Ca 1884-1973)

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Original large signed oil on canvas portrait painting by Erwin Vollmer with a second portrait oil painting on the reverse of the frame. Dated on the frame for 1943 along with the title of one of the paintings (not sure which one) "Werbung" which means propaganda. It seems that the frame for this oil on canvas was used several times over the years as the dates of 1928 and 1940 also appear on it in various places.

The location name seems to be Rehlingen, a district of Luneburg which is a Hanseatic town in Lower Saxony, Germany where Vollmer settled in 1908 and lived most of his adult life in seclusion.

The oil painting on the front is signed in the bottom right hand corner in red E Vollmer. It shows a peasant man with his arms around a woman in similar clothing in a tender embrace. This is typical of Vollmers style of painting even though his eyesight was at this time increasingly failing him. On the reverse side there is a pastoral scene of a woman in a slight repose, again a female peasant goat herder on a hill side. This has been washed over in green for some reason, perhaps it did not meet the propaganda or censors approval. I cannot see if this side is also signed. It makes sense that both sides of the canvas were used to preserve materials during wartime.

Erwin Vollmer was from a prolific family of painters from his grandfather Adolph who was a famous landscape and marine painter, his father John who was an architect and his brother who was an art historian, editor and publisher. Erwin himself preferred to paint rural landscapes and their subjects of the land, the workers.


Oil painting measures 32“ long by 27.25“ wide and weighs 4lbs.


This oil on canvas portrait painting is in fair condition with some cleaning needed on the front and the back needs serious restoration to be viewed in all its glory,(please see all pictures as they form part of the condition description).

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