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Vintage Temperance Temple Knights Bronze Medal by Sporrong & Co

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Vintage anti alcohol Swedish Sporrong & co Temperance movement bronze centennial memory medal for the Temple Knights as a reward for faithfulness to the organization for members.

Sporrong is one of the oldest companies in Sweden. The business was founded in Stockholm in 1666 by Master Henrik Grau, girdle-maker. Following several changes of name and owner, the business was taken over in 1842 by Carl Claes Sporrong, who also gave his name to the company. Today, production is carried out at the company’s own facilities in Finland and Estonia, or by authorised partners in other parts of the world. Sporrong has sales offices in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Estonia and Latvia.

On July 8, 1961, 100 years have elapsed since the Temple Knights Order's great innovators Oskar Eklund was born. Supreme Council decided to commemorate the 100th anniversary by letting minting a commemorative medal in bronze, which would be made available to all members of the Order. The anti alcohol memory medal was intended to be an expression of the Order's esteem, reverence, gratitude and celebration of Oskar Eklund's great achievements in words and for the important role he had for the Order's survival and regeneration.

The front of the medal represents a relief image of Oskar Eklund, surrounded by the text "Oskar Eklund - 1861 - 1961" and below "Temple Knights Order's Grand Master 1903 - 1940." The back has the text "Respect, Reverence, Gratitude, Tribute" in an oak leaf wreath with TR-mark top. Bottom reproduced Oskar Eklund's motto "Labor Omnia Vincit". A copy of the commemorative medal, embossed in gold, was handed over in 1961 to the Order's erstwhile patron, King Gustaf VI Adolf.

Oskar Eklund 1861.1961
Tempel Riddare Ordens Stor Mastare 1903-1940
Back: Aktning Vordnad Tacksamhet Hyllning Labor Omnia Vincit


Temperance movement medal measures 2.25“ diameter by 0.25“ deep and weighs


In good condition with some signs of blue coloring to the bronze - I did not attempt to clean this item (please see all pictures as they form part of the condition description)

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