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Temperance Movement Silver Coin by James Bale

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Antique Temperance movement medal struck in the 1840's. Struck for the Washingtonian Benevolent Society Washington by James Bale who was a renowned die maker during the 1830's/40's.

This rare coin/medal was struck in silver. There were two versions made one with the plain edge and this very scarce example with the reeded edge. A great addition to any coin, medal or Temperance collection.

The Washingtonian movement began in 1840 when six tipplers in Baltimore took the abstinence pledge, formed a temperance organization named after the first president, and began to spread the temperance gospel. Aimed at inebriates rather than moderate drinkers, Washingtonian meetings featured dramatic personal testimonies of deliverance from demon rum . The Washingtonian impulse was strong but short-lived, owing to lack of organization and leadership.

Marked on front: Temperance Benevolent Society Washington, BALE
Marked on back: We serve the tyrant alcohol no longer


Item measures 0.8" in diameter and weighs less than 1oz.


In good used condition with signs of use commensurate with age (please see all pictures as they form part of the condition description).

Shop Ref: Box No. Temperance Movement Box No.4


Feel free to contact me if you have any further questions about this item.

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