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Victorian Black Leather Womens Button Boots - Size 7 / 7.5

  • $ 22500

Victorian Boots, Buckingham & Hecht Steampunk Boots, Black Leather Womens Boots Size, White Labor League. 8 buttons on each boot, scalloped fringe

No manufacturer using this White Labor Stamp was permitted to employ Chinese in the making of Boots or Shoes in the wake of fighting against eastern imported products. These white labor unions were founded to further prevent the employment of chinese labor in the US from the 1850's through to the 1890's and bolster such acts as the anti coolie act 1862, naturalization act 1870 and the Chinese exclusion act of 1882.

Marked on sole: White Labor League, SF, Buckingham & Hecht, San Francisco, Extra Quality
Marked inside in ink: L EE 6941 & Buckingham & Hecht, San Francisco

A great addition to your steampunk boot collection. This would make a great gift for a birthday.


Victorian boots measure 9.75 "long by 2.75" wide by 7.75" tall and weigh 1lb 3oz.
The sizing above should equate to a US size 7 or 7.5.


In good used condition with some small signs of use commensurate with age (please see all pictures as they form part of the condition description).

Shop Ref: Box No. 22


Feel free to contact me if you have any further questions about this item.

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