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Vintage UP Abstract Art Ceramic Box Sculpture

  • $ 55000

Vintage ceramic art sculpture. Abstract art ceramic box titled "UP" is a sculpture depicting a cardboard box folded closed at the top and slightly dented as if left out in the rain too long. The simplicity and inanimate nature of the object representing everyday life is disregarded at first glance until it is observed from all sides and touched.

Once the deception of its function has been realized the sculpture takes on a different persona forcing the observer to question the mundane nature of a simple cardboard box and contemplate the weary journey that a box may take from one destination to another during its short lifetime. The fragility of the box and its contents are intimated with the title and functional warning on the box to keep it upright as if it contained something breakable. Even though it is solid and heavy the delicate nature of its ceramic composition necessitate it to be observed as the direction indicates.

Fascinatingly simple, this sculpture questions the preconceived notions of our everyday surroundings. This piece is unsigned yet intimates Hun Chung Lee in style.

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A fabulous addition to any eclectic home decor,early holiday or unique housewarming gift.


Sculpture measures 11" by 11" by 11" and weighs 19lb 14oz.


This sculpture is in good condition with some small signs of use commensurate with age. There is some small chipping to the corner of the edge of the box - please see all pictures as they form part of the condition description.


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