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Western Art Lithograph by Reverend Samuel Manning - "Carrying the United States Across the Prairies" 1860

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Antique lithograph of western art. Vintage original etching of a wells Fargo stagecoach being attacked by hostile Indians across the plains. This vintage western print was made by Reverend Samuel Manning in 1860.

Travelling across the United States, Reverend Samuel Manning made detailed pen and pencil sketches of scenes from both the present and the recent past. This one, entitled 'Carrying the United States Mail Across the Prairies, 1860', depicts one aspect of the often violent and bloody encounters between the native people and those determined to open up the West to farmers, cattlemen and miners.

Marked below picture: Carrying the United States Across the Prairies


Western art lithograph measures 23.75" long by 20.5" tall by 0.75" deep and weighs 4lb 4oz. The actual image measures 8.5" by 6".


In good condition with some signs of use commensurate with age. There are a couple of very small stains around the outside edge of the print (please see all pictures as they form part of the condition description).

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