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WW2 French Officers Uniform

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Private tailored French officers uniform made in Paris during WW2. Well tailored vintage uniform made for an officer of means in the French chasseurs. The uniform consists of a jacket and pants only. This vintage uniform is a buff color (almost pale beige in color) with lapel patches of an infantry regiment and the number 3 (perhaps a division number).

Buttons have horns and are marked - 21 M - A M & Cie - PARIS

There is a tag in the trousers: 42614 Mai

A great addition to your military clothing collection or as practical clothing for the adventurous.


Military coat measures:
Waist: 21.5"
Length: 29.25"Shoulder width 18.75"
Sleeve length: 22.75"

Military trousers measure:
Outer leg Length: 39"
Inner leg length: 27.75"
Waist: 38"

Uniform weighs 5lb 3oz.


This military uniform is in good condition with some signs of use commensurate with age. There are some small holes in the material of the jacket. The seam on one side of the trousers needs repair near the back pocket where it has become undone (please see all pictures as they form part of the condition description).

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