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Vintage Shona Stone Sculpture ~ S Marfumo

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Vintage 1970's Shona Serpentine stone sculpture by S Marfumo. Dating to the 1970's this abstract head carving is Picasso-esque in style. Signed by the artist with an inventory number 26452 etched into the bottom edge. Carved from an olivine Shona stone which is a steatite found in Zimbabwe this unique heavy sculpture has a mid century intimation.

Shona sculpture is widely accepted as the most important art movement to emerge
from Africa in the twentieth Century. Although the younger artists may choose modern themes, the striking simplicity of their pieces reveal that they too belong to this art movement that first gained international exposure in the 1950s.

The sculptures created in the 1950’s and 1960’s by early sculptors were primarily
inspired by Shona mythology. The subject matter can be seen as continuing a rich
cultural heritage that had previously been mainly folklore and ritual. The various
spirit guises, animal metamorphoses, and spiritual mediums were represented. The
majority of Zimbabwean sculptors are members of the Shona tribe. They have a dual
belief system, where their devout Christianity exists side by side with another, older
set of religious beliefs that concern the spirit world.

Marked: S Marfumo 28452

This would make a great addition to any vintage abstract collection or stone sculpture gallery.


Sculpture measures 6.25" wide by 5.25" deep by 11.25" tall and weighs 11lb 14oz.


Sculpture is is fairly good condition with some scuffs and scratches to the surface (please see all pictures as they form part of the condition description).

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