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Antique Victorian Wood Leather Foot Bellows

  • $ 20000

Antique Victorian warning bellows. Manufactured using a wooden frame and brass pinned leather this antique primitive set of bellows was used to warn of gas leaks, collapses or other dangers in mines in the late 19th century. This could be mounted on a roller base or rail carrier and operated by foot. This is missing its brass makers plaque which may be Siebe Gorman who was the main maker and distributor of these items in the late 19th , early 20th century. This item would originally have had a horn on top which made a loud noise when the bellows were depressed warning of any impending danger.

A great addition to your eclectic decor, as a decorative bar item or as part of a vintage mining collection. This would be ideal as a small side table.


Foot bellows measure 24" long 10" deep by 12" tall and weighs 19lb 12oz.


These foot bellows are in working condition but there are some tears in the leather which would affect its function if it were to be restored (please see all pictures as they form part of the condition description).

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