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Temperance Orange Order OYB Pinback Ribbon

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Antique temperance movement OYB Orange Order No Surrender Membership pinback commemorating William of Oranges victory over King James II at Carleton place LondonDerry in 1690. This ribbon was commissioned for the OYB who were a Canadian orange order known as the Orange Young Britons Association organized at a convention held in Toronto in 1871 the name of that organization was changed to “Orange Young Britons”, and after a checkered career with varying success it partially disbanded under the name of the “Young Men’s Protestant Benevolent Association”, and at a meeting called for the purpose of reorganization which was held in Toronto on May 24, 1882, the present Grand Lodge of the Loyal Orange Young Britons Association was organized.

Marked: Carleton Place
OYB No.257
No Surrender

This rare pinback ribbon would date between 1871 and 1882.


Orange order Pinback ribbon measures 9.25“ long by 3“ wide and weighs 0.4oz


In good condition with wear and tear to the material. The blue thread for the border on the left handside has frayed in parts (please see all pictures as they form part of the condition description)

Shop Ref: Box No. Temperance Movement Box I


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