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Integrating Antiques Into Your Home Decor

Posted by Pearse Fee on

So you love well crafted furniture and the history behind antiques. You search through shops to find unique furniture and home accents to enhance your home decor.

How do you mix these different styles of antique and vintage furniture and accents with each other?

Never fear, the fashion now is to mix different patterns, colors and even styles. If you mix antique, vintage, traditional and modern designs together, you can achieve truly unique home decor ideas for your home.

Top 5 Tips for Mixing Antiques with Your Existing Home Décor

Purchasing a “new” antique is exciting and finding a place for in your home should not be stressful. Follow these 5 tips to introduce your new antique to your home effortlessly.

  • Embrace Contrast – Varying colors, patterns and even styles make for an interesting visual. Be proud of the different styles and arrange them together to create something truly unique 
  • Keep What You Have– Don’t get rid of your current furniture and accents if you don’t need to. Combine your antiques with your current furnishings. Well placed antiques can cast a differ light on existing decor and vice versa.
  • Balance is key - Do not overcrowd your decor by having too many large pieces or hundreds of small collectibles.  Balance the room with some large pieces, some medium size pieces and some small accents.
  • Be creative – Repurpose antiques and vintage items. Creating your own unique antique items is easy e.g. using large antique window frames as your headboard, using only luggage or trunks as tables 
  • Love your Decor - purchase and keep pieces of furniture and antiques that you truly love. Having pieces that evoke memories, passion and stories make your home decor truly amazing. 

Have any more ideas to add to the list? Let us know...

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