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Why Shop at Antique Stores?

Posted by Pearse Fee on

My wife and I were both brought up in Ireland where castles, manor houses and antiques are commonplace.  We have a love (addiction :)) for the story antiques tell.

Victorian Bristol People Counter

This mechanical people counter was used on buses and trams in the late Victorian era to keep track of the number of people that travelled on the vehicle. 

Here are our top 6 reasons why buying antiques makes sense:

1. Antiques have a story: Antiques are purveyors of the past: they have endured a history and have experiences of past customs and etiquette. From the contrast of the over-intricate Victorian decadence to the sparseness and practicality of mid-century life. Every style tells a story of the people and the time it reflects. Your own ancestors antiques provide a tangible link to your own family & heritage.

2. Antiques are generally very well made — in the good old days people saved up for their homewares, furniture, art & appliances and generally made long term choices. Everyday items were well made, usually by hand, with a view to lasting more than a lifetime.  Today these same items are generally manufactured quickly, inexpensively and in a dispensable fashion.  

3. Antiques = Recycling! Recycling furniture, appliance, clothes, jewelry & art has to be the ultimate in eco-friendly shopping. Antiquing normally also supports smaller local businesses who care about their customers which makes a nice change to further funding huge corporations.

4. Antiques add flavor to home decor. Antiques can be introduced to your contemporary home decor to add texture, energy and personality. The contrast of old pieces alongside a more modern decor is very effective in creating your own unique interesting home decor. Have fun and don’t be afraid to mix styles - get some unique decor ideas here :)

5. Antiques are timeless. The beautiful lines, curves and construction of antiques means that while they are dated back in history, they never lose their unique cool appeal.

6. Antiques are a good investment. Antiques are a good investment in the long run. Many antiques are becoming difficult to find and generally more sought after.  If you look after your antiques, chances are in 20 years they will be worth much more than you paid for them and you have had the pleasure of owning and using them for that period. In many ways new modern made furniture and appliances are like a new cars: after they are used once their value plummets.


Antique Queen Anne Writing Desk 

This French Queen Anne antique secretary desk is French is phenomenally well made and will last for another 100 years and beyond! It definitely adds flavor to your home and is a solid investment!


Remember to buy what you love and you’ll never regret it.


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Have any more reasons to add to this list? Let us know…..

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